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Good maintenance habits, effective repair schedule and proper storage ensure a longer lifespan for any hydraulic tools and equipment.

Our dependable services include our ability to evaluate any hydraulic component and offer a solution to fit your schedule and budget. We also provide integrated hydraulic solutions through our standard and customized products sufficient to handle most applications requiring force, torque and pressure. We distinguished ourselves by providing broad ranges of customization in virtually every area of industry which requires precision control. Below are some of our offer of dependable services.
We adhere to stringent reseal process that will restore your hydraulic cylinder and pumps to OEM specifications. Our service engineers and technicians use the proper technology, tooling and equipment to ensure a sustainable repair every time.

Resealing a cylinder before a major failure is oftentimes a wise investment. Repair indicators such as leaks and drift can be clues that it may be time to consider resealing as an option. Leaks are a potential ingress point for contaminants and also cause loss of fluid. In addition, a leak can allow air to enter a system. Drifting is another signal or potential issues and a proper reseal can produce measurable performance gains.

In some instances, our thorough cylinder inspection process will reveal abnormalities that prohibit a simple hone and reseal or a pump not producing required output. We will develop a repair plan to suit your needs. Many times, we can repair a component for a fraction of the cost of a new. In addition, we can also repair or manufacture virtually any cylinder component from scratch including barrels, rods, pistons and other attachments that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Whenever there is a need for refurbishment or just seeking alternate source for hydraulic cylinders and pumps. We can help by virtually refurbishing the complete system through our salvage parts recycling and retooling work. We are able to manufacture parts near to OEM specifications. Even completely rusted out and word parts can be rebuilt unless deemed beyond repair by our service engineers.